Monday, May 21, 2012

September's Choice of Photos

#1: Slice of Life (266)
#2: Warm, Deep Colours (248)

 September of 2011 produced too many photos worthy of being considered for favourite of the month (if I do say so myself!).

Please vote on your favourite from this narrowed field of five, using the comments button below or any other mode of communication you can devise.

#3: A Swath of Sunlight (255)

#4: Imposing Wilmot (271)

#5: Union Jack in Front (273)


  1. Imposing Wilmot is my choice, although A Swath of Sunlight is lovely, too.

  2. I'm voting for #1 Slice of Life, although I'd be happy with my second choice as well, #3 A Swath of Sunlight! You're right though, so many nice pictures to choose from!

  3. I choose #3 A Swath of Sunlight but I also like #2

    Groetjes, Ineke