Saturday, July 14, 2012

Photographic favourites from November

#1: Waiting for the Wind (308)
 So here we are. Trying to choose our favourite photograph from the month of November. I'm sorry to say it but November was not a stellar month and it wasn't easy coming up with shots for this selection.

That being said, I know very clearly which is my favourite. I'm just interested to see if you like the same one I do.

So please use the "Comments" button below, email me or find some other way to contact me to cast your vote for the best shot from November. And please don't hold it against me that I can't seem to get the hang of the new Blogger photograph placement rules.

#2: Dog Days (330)
#3: Magic Pods (312)
#4: Beer Taps in the Sky (332)

#5:Jumpy Lights (334)

#6: Impermanence (317)


  1. I think they are all nice pictures, but I love the picture of Marlee.
    I am sometimes jealous of the way animals can do their things where ever and when ever they want. It is good you can be that relaxed.
    So I go for nr. 2.

    Groetjes, Ineke

  2. It's Magic Pods for me. Although impermanence was a close second even though it doesn't really say November to me.

  3. Mark LaRue

    I like the jumpy lights because I like red. But I like the impermance the best.

    When can we look forward to voting on the tomatoes?

    You forgot your nephew's birthday you cad !

  4. I agree with Lynn (somebody make a note) Magic Pods is gorgeous and would have been my choice. I think your beer taps would work really well with a little cropping - and a proper beer, but what can you do?