Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo Favourites from June

Step right up, folks, and cast your vote for your favourite photograph from June of 2011. We've got six lovely contenders and only you can decide which one is named Photo of the Month! Use the "Comments" button below to pick out your fave or send me an email. It doesn't matter how you vote, just as long as you vote!
#1 - Flowers that Dazzle (160)

#2 - Lighthouse Postcard (161)

#3 - Spectacular Rhodos (164)

#4 - Armada of Clouds (174)

#5 - Splashes and Sky (179)

#6 - Fountain Drops (167)


  1. I'm voting for photo #1 - Flowers that Dazzle (160).

  2. I would have to choose #2 "Lighthouse Postcard" - the train bridge in the background clinches it...but I still love that "Splashes and Sky"!

  3. I go for photo 5 "Splashes and Sky".

    Groet je, Ineke