Friday, February 10, 2012

Photo Favourites from May 2011

Here are my five favourite photographs from the month of May. May of last year included a trip to Quebec City but I deliberately excluded any pictures from outside Fredericton from this selection. I'm still quite pleased with the five finalists.

Please vote for your favourite using the "Comments" button below. You can also email me or, if you know me, tell me in person which photo you prefer. And thanks for taking part in my little poll!

#1: Morning Splendour (126)

#2: The Power of Water (127)

#3: Delicate Green (128)

#4: Leather in the Grass (146)

#5: Fredericton Fountain (150)


  1. I'm quite undecided this month because I like all of them for different reasons. If forced to decide I would go with #3 Delicate Green because that really says Spring to me.

  2. I prefer the first 3 pictures; I choose the "Morning Splendor".

    Groet je, Ineke

  3. I choose Morning Splendour, although I agree with Lynn that Delicate Green really says Spring.