Saturday, June 9, 2012

September's Favourite Photograph is...

September's Winner
 #3: A Swath of Sunlight!

What an interesting vote for the photo of the month for September. Everybody seemed to agree that it was a strong group from which to choose but nobody seemed to be able to agree on a favourite. As you can see from the online comments, our three voters each preferred a different first choice, with one going with the Sunlight shot, one the Cake picture and one the Wilmot photo.

The same went for people who emailed me or talked to me in person. Lots of interest, little consensus on a first pick. But just about everybody mentioned "A Swath of Sunlight" as a wonderful photograph, most saying that, if it wasn't their first choice, then at least it was their second.

So it's the big winner this month. I have to admit, I love all five of these shots so I'm grateful for all the help in picking the best of them.

Watch out for the next vote, Favourite Photo for October, coming soon!

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