Friday, March 23, 2012

June's Photo Favourite is...

"Flowers that Dazzle!"

But what an interesting contest it was. I had fully expected "Spectacular Rhodos" to win since it has been by far the most viewed photograph of the entire year but almost no one chose it. On the other hand, I quickly received a number of votes for "Splashes and Sky" when voting opened (see two of the three comments) but its support waned as well.

My personal favourite, "Fountain Drops", received almost no support whatsoever while "Lighthouse Postcard" ended up a surprising second in the voting. I think it's the best photograph on the theme of the original blog ("Fredericton 365") and it seemed to play well with a lot of people.

Still, "Flowers that Dazzle" received the most votes and is a deserving winner of this very tough battle. Don't forget to vote on July's photos, represented in the post just before this one!

1 comment:

  1. Hurray! The one I picked won! It may not be as on theme as some of the others but I really like the dramatic lighting. And isn't June all about sunlight?