Monday, March 5, 2012

Photo favourites for July

Another choice to make. This time, please vote for your favourite photograph from July of 2012. I've narrowed it down to these six finalists so please use the "Comments" function or submit your votes via email or in person. Thanks.

#1: Winsome lass at low tide (184)

#2: At the Owl's Nest (190)

#3: Roast tomatoes and bobbles (199)

#4: Now that's a sky! (201)

#5: Golden hay in golden sun (202)

#6: Mactaquac reflections (207)


  1. Winsome lass at low tide is my choice for July. The beach always evokes the summer for me. I do love the one of the Owl's Nest too.

  2. Number 4 and 6 are my favourites.
    I love the sun reflected in the water, so I go for nr. 6.

    Groetjes, Ineke

  3. I'm voting for "At the Owl's Nest" because I like the composition best. Although, I would prefer it after applying a magenta photo filter to move the colour balance away from green.