Sunday, March 25, 2012

Photographic favourites for August

August was a bit of an off-month, photographically, for me. If it weren't for a trip to the island of Grand Manan, I wouldn't have much to offer in the competition to figure out which is the best photo from August.

Check these five photographs out and cast your vote for your fave, either using the Comments feature at the bottom of this page, or any other way you can convey your choice to me.

#1: Evening Sky at North Head (220)

#2: The Bay at Night from Swallow Tail (220)

#3: Wind-Blown Tree (221)

#4: Towards Dolan's Pub (223)

Afternoon Moon (218)


  1. I like ALL of them but I think I like afternoon moon the mostest!

  2. I think you can quess what my choice is.
    I like the composition of the "Afternoon Moon" but I like the "Evening Sky" the most.

    Groetjes, Ineke

  3. Towards Dolan's Pub is my favourite.