Thursday, April 26, 2012

Freddie's Queen named "Canada's Great Street"

Queen Street in downtown Fredericton has been declared Canada's Great Street in the Great Places in Canada contest. The contest, run by the Canadian Institute of Planners, found our own little Queen Street to be Canada's Great Street. So I thought I'd share some of my nicer photos of Queen Street from the past year or so. Pretty nice place, isn't it? Amazing to think, however, that in an entire year of trying to find new photos to take of Fredericton, it never occurred to me to take a night photo nor a winter photo of Queen.

This top photo shows the Queen Street sign amidst the banners and posters that adorn the street in summer time.
The second shot is more of a street scene, looking east from York Street.
Shot number three shows the shadow of a barren tree adorning the wall of the historic barracks building.
The fourth photo gives an example of some of the lovely architectural details on the buildings up and down the street. There's a lot to see on Queen Street, both big and small.
This fifth picture shows the ceremonial historic guard in front of City Hall on a hot summer day, with the strange fountain in the foreground.
And finally, Queen Street hosts a number of buskers and street musicians through the warmer months, their tunes mixing with the singing birds and the chatter of the pedestrians to bring the street to life.

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