Sunday, April 22, 2012

Halifax In Pictures 2 - On the Waterfront

Today, more photographs from my visit to the port city of Halifax. I admire this city and the way if combines tourism with its continued work as an active sea port. The walk along the waterfront is amazing, filled with scenes of natural beauty and the industrious of the citizens.
In today's first photo, taken on that waterfront, we see the Canadian Navy's frigate Ville de Quebec cruising serenely out of the sun-speckled harbour, past the lighthouse on historic (and often tragic) George's Island.

I have a natural affinity for these ships since, in my youth, I served briefly aboard the then elder statesman of the Canadian Navy, HMCS Assiniboine, and got the chance to experience Halifax Harbour as a sailor as well.
The second image shows the beauty of the rocky shoreline, shot through a chainlink fence intended to keep the tourists off the slippery stones. And image three is more of the sun-dappled morning water, George's Island front and centre (or at least front and left) once again. I love Quebec City but I'm not sure there's a more beautiful town in Canada than Halifax in the sunshine.
And the final two shots are fairly self-explanatory: me trying to be a bit artsy in capturing details (of a wooden dock or a ship's sail) of the scene. Not bad shots, I think. They won't win any awards but they do give you a nice idea of the beauty that you find at every turn along the Halifax waterfront.

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