Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 250 - A rare traffic jam in Freddie

A photograph taken from a city bus in the middle of a traffic jam in downtown Fredericton.

There are many things about that sentence that should be explained, first and foremost the unusual phrase "traffic jam in downtown Fredericton". This phrase is not often used. Fredericton simply does not have enough vehicles to create a traffic jam under normal conditions. Even during what they call "rush hour" here, a regular cross-town drive takes maybe three minutes longer than at any other time.

But today a major intersection in the downtown core (York and Brunswick) was closed down as a result of a car-pedestrian accident and the daily drive home from work was thrown into chaos. My bus home took a route that tried to avoid the problems but got caught up anyway and I tried to take advantage of the time to take photos of this unusual event.

I'm pleased with this shot for many reasons, including the fact that I think it actually captures the jammed nature of the traffic on the road. I'm also pleased with the details from the inside of the bus that show up (especially the rim of the passenger's eyeglasses!) and the texture created by rain on the windshield.

Here's hoping the accident wasn't serious and the pedestrian comes through okay!

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