Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 269 - The leaves and grass

Autumn has come to New Brunswick.

There are many "must sees" about this province and autumn is definitely one of them. Outside, perhaps, of Ontario around Algonquin Park, I don't know of any place that does the annual trees-turning-colour ritual as well as New Brunswick does. But it starts early so you have to be careful not to miss it.

This photograph represents my first attempt to capture fall in Fredericton. No, it's not the most glorious photo you're going to see but the leaves come from a small maple tree on our property and the grass is as long as it's been in a while. I lay down on the ground and tried very hard to make the Olympus focus where I wanted it to, rather than simply on the nearest blade of grass. I also opened up the aperture (f3.5, I think) to create the nice contrast of focus on the nearby leaf and slight blur in the background.

There will be more pictures of the autumn leaves of New Brunswick, I promise. Fall out here is well worth the wait.

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