Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 272 - The presence of a camera

I don't usually post photographs on this blog that feature people's faces. I'm not sure why but I don't. So why this photograph? Because I cannot figure out how this person who is about 50 feet up the air working on the clock tower of Fredericton City Hall would know that I was taking a picture of the tower, his crane and, to my surprise, him. Are people that aware of cameras around them that he would notice me?

This is the first of several shots I took because I liked the physical interaction of the straight lines of the red-brick tower, the roundness of the black-and-gold clock face and the diagonals of the blue crane. I was far, far below the clock and the man and yet he somehow sensed my lens pointing in this direction and turned to look.

I don't think he was upset or anything that I was taking my pictures (there were several other people with cameras there) but it's just so strange to me that he would look down at me just as I took my first shot.

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