Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 263 - Still life with a tea pot

Can you see the airbrushing I did on this photograph? Top right corner? I've never used this feature on iPhoto before. It's quite cool.

I took this photo at a restaurant in downtown Fredericton because I liked the way the tea pot looked on the reflective plastic cover of the table, with the the pattern on the table cloth adding interest, the water glass nearby and the medley of browns in the background. What I didn't expect was for my friend's chin to show up in the photo. So, I airbrushed it out.

This picture is another example of one of my favourite techniques wherein I set the camera on the table in a dimly-lit room and then adjust the shutter speed to a very slow level to ensure proper exposure. I keep the aperture as small as possible (f8) to ensure depth of focus but keep the shutter open for two seconds or more.

I like the warmth and depth of the colours that this technique creates. In this case, the tea pot glistens and the blue in its floral patterns comes through strongly.

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