Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 251 - Harvest jazz and blues

I chose this picture not for any great artistic or photographic merit but solely because of its content. This shot shows the new street banners for this year's edition of Fredericton's annual "Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival", which begins next week.

This event has been going on for years and manages to attract some pretty fantastic acts to this small city. The downtown core is shut down to traffic and becomes on large pedestrian mall, with music coming at you from all sides. Huge tents are set up to provide one kind of venue, while bands and solo artists also put on shows in clubs and bars and even on make-shift stages on street corners. For the big shows, of course, you have to buy a ticket but a lot of people enjoy the Festival just by walking around, drinking in the sounds, even if they never enter one of the venues.

If you look closely at the banner, you can see the web address for the festival ( which will give you all the details. And maybe it will convince you to come to see our fair city at its best, with the beautiful fall weather, the leaves just beginning to turn and the fabulous music that brings the downtown to life.

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