Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 341 - City Hall from the fifth floor

I work in one of the taller office buildings in Fredericton (now, remember, this is Fredericton, after all, so the office buildings are no skyscrapers!) and I have finally gotten around to taking advantage of that fact to get some shots of downtown buildings from the upper floors. First up is this photograph of the City Hall clock tower, taken from the fifth floor on a rainy day. Considering the weather, I had thought of this first set of photos as tests of a sort, just trying out different windows and different angles to see what would work best once the weather is better.

Most of the other photos, not surprisingly, were pretty dreary but I was actually pleased with this one. The colours are deep and rich and there's that lovely cloud of steam/smoke rising up from the street to create a nice effect. I'm told the sunsets are lovely from this floor and this side of the building so watch out for a sunset shot before December is through.

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