Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 359 - Minding my own witches

A snapshot, today, taken by my friend Emily, of me modelling my brand new Gryffindor scarf, made famous in the Harry Potter films and knitted for me by my fabulous sister.

As soon as I tore open the package, I wrapped this long, luxurious scarf around my neck and began posing proudly and with courage and valour worthy of a true Gryffindor. The sweater is amazing: incredibly vivid in its colours, amazingly beautiful in its creation and surprisingly warm in the wearing.

And my sister assures me that the pattern she followed was created by an extremely careful examination of stop-action shots from the movies, so that the stitch count is right, the colours are perfect and the dimensions are accurate to the millimetre.

I opened this gift in front of the right crowd: both Emily and her sister Clare are big Harry Potter fans so we were all a little excited when this amazing sweater came tumbling out of the gift wrap. My only sadness is that the photo cuts off the amazing tassles that hang from each end of the scarf.

I plan to wear it proudly on long walks with the dog in the cold New Brunswick winter but also when Emily, Clare and I sit down to watch both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows one afternoon this week on Blu Ray (courtesy of another exciting Christmas gift!).


  1. Scarf or sweater? I'd go with scarf. Very handsome!

  2. What? Oh yes, SCARF!!!! Don't know why my hands kept typing "sweater".