Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 355 - A bowling blast of colour

Get out your sunglasses, folks. After several days of easy-on-the-eyes low-light photos, I bring you this neon monstrosity courtesy of a visit to Kingswood Bowling.

I believe they call it "Cosmic Bowling". They turn out the lights but illuminate various parts of facility with bright colours and strobing lights. It doesn't help your bowling score but it looks pretty cool.

Unfortunately, there was not enough available light to allow a shutter speed of 1/60th or faster (not even close, to be honest) so I had to place the Olympus on one of the tables and use a much slower shutter to get my photographs. That led to a problem I hadn't expected but probably should have: there is so much vibration running through the building from the rolling balls, their crashes with the pins and the violence of the pins being splattered all over the place that the table upon which the camera sat was shaking.

As a result, there is a slight blur to the picture. Oh well. The colours are bright and the patterns interesting. And we all needed a shot of something after the calm of the last couple of days' photos.

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