Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 342 - The stories of poles

Do not ask what prompted me to take this photograph. I had the Olympus out, I was on my lunch hour walk and I saw a wood telephone pole discoloured by the thousands of staples that were embedded in it and I thought: "Cool". So I pointed, zoomed in, and shot.

I debated trimming the photo to take away the strip of background on the right, including the dude in the hat, but then I realised it added something: a slice of the context in which the pole lives.

I can't imagine how many years and how many posters it has taken for this poor wooden pole to become so impregnated by staples that it is actually turning rust-coloured. And I find it amazing that the pole has lasted through all those rain storms and snow storms and hot sunny days to get into this condition.

No, it's not a great photo from a technical standpoint. But it is interesting. And it tells a story.

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