Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 353 - Affected by the available light

Still enjoying that moon! Here we are with a surprising photograph that provides a number of interesting layers, each affected differently by the available light.

With a tripod and a long exposure, I was able to get this image of the bare bushes at the bottom of the slope leading to the walking bridge, with the fullish moon shining down. I love the colours of the branches and the leaves in the foreground, made possible by the slower shutter speed. I am also pleased with the way the iron beams of the bridge lurk in the background, themselves somewhat red with rust. And I have to admit I am growing to like more and more the starburst pattern of the moon and the lights on the bridge, caused by the long exposure as well.

I trust you're not growing too tired of these night shots. I'm loving them. Now I'm just waiting for some snow to create an all-new late-day look.

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