Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 361 - Imperfect but treasured

His name, apparently, is "Snooker Santa". With his candy-cane cue and still-in-the-package mini-Christmas-bulbs for billiard balls, he inhabits our tree looking for a game.

I guess members of our tree-decorating team was getting a little tired of hanging the hundreds of decorations on the towering tree when they came across the mini-bulbs, still in their plastic pack. "Fifteen more?" they moaned.

And then came the idea of "Snooker Santa", which, of course, took a lot longer to put into effect than 15 tiny balls would have taken to place on the tree but, by that time, it was too much fun to turn back.

The photograph is a flash-aided snapshot, nothing more. Even though I quite like the look of it, I don't think it's an example of great art, great technical expertise, great anything. But sometimes a photo is simply meant to preserve a memory, to become a reminder of something fun, happy, exciting, or even sad that's happened in our lives. Its technical imperfections don't matter.

Yes, a lot of people have art-like photos on their walls but I'm willing to bet that most of us have photographs that are even more important to us hidden away somewhere (in an album, on a computer, in a small frame above our desk). They wouldn't win any awards for photography, these other pictures, but we treasure them for the people, places, and events from our lives that they capture can preserve for us in their grainy, slightly out of focus, badly composed faces.

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