Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 365 - The final photograph

The final photograph of my 365-day journey. I wanted it to be a great one. And it is.

It's me. In front of the "Welcome to Fredericton" sign on Lincoln Road out toward the airport. I'm taking one of those ridiculous photos where you hold the camera out as far away from yourself as you can, pointing at you, and press the shutter release, hoping the framing captures what you want in the shot. Everybody does them.

And I think it's the perfect end for this adventure in photography. I think we've had a little of everything, from the stunningly beautiful to the trite and silly, in this year of photos, everything except a photo of me.

So here I am. A little out of focus. My nose strangely crooked (who would have known), my double chins completely hidden. The sign in behind but, importantly, not quite fully shown just as I didn't quite fully show you all of Fredericton over the past year. Still, I think I captured enough of it that you have a good idea what it's like.

I've really enjoyed bringing this blog to you, adding a photograph (and sometimes two or three) each day, with an explanation of where and how the shot was taken. I've pushed myself and also stretched the capabilities of my simple Olympus camera but, looking back on the year, I think we both did pretty well.

I admit, however, that I approach this final post with some small measure of relief as well. It's hard work finding a new and interesting photo every day and even more work to write the text portions of each entry. I have spent most of my lunch hours out and about with the camera and have enjoyed doing it. But I'm also looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning knowing there is no pressure on me to take a photograph.

I think I will simply leave this blog up as is. I don't think "Blogger" will remove it any time soon. And I may just create a new blog upon which to post photos in the future. But, if I do so, it will simply be a once-in-a-while proposition.

So thanks to everyone who has visited this blog over the past 365 days, for taking the time to click one of the reaction buttons at the bottom of each entry or even to post a comment. I've enjoyed all of the responses and interest. Take good care and, if you get the chance, come to Fredericton one day to see all this in person.

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