Saturday, November 19, 2011

323 - That little leaf...

I love the little leaf that sits on the glove. I didn't put it there, honest. I just think it's a perfect adornment for this very bright red garment.

I also think the white tags issuing from the mouth of the glove are funny: they're almost as big as the glove itself. And they add an interesting swath of white to the shot.

The other thing that I notice about this photograph is the depth of focus. The fingertips of the glove are not quite crisp while the leaves in the background are quite fuzzy. I think the effect is nice but now I wish I had flipped the Olympus to manual and opened the aperture up even further. That would have shortened the focus more, making the leaves just a blur in the background. But, still, I'm happy with the colours, the composition and that little leaf.

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