Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 321 - Bollards or vases or statues, oh my

Don't you miss these kinds of odd little flourishes on the new construction? Are they bollards? Are they vases? Are they statues? Who knows! I certainly don't know who they are, even if I could figure out what they are. But I like the way they gaze down at you when you approach the front doors of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly building. And I like the slow discolouration they undergo as time passes and the copper and iron above them bleeds from rain and melting snow.

No chance of taking this photograph straight on, since the figures are about 20 feet off the ground, so I was forced to step back, then use the zoom to try to get some level of detail in the shots. Tough to do on a dark day. As you might have noticed, I'm working on noticing and photographing detail rather than entire objects or buildings. Looks pretty good, I think.

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