Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 318 - Centennial seat of power

The Centennial Building on King Street in downtown Fredericton is one of those hard-to-photograph buildings because of its breadth and the lack of space in front of it. You either have to take a picture of only part of the building (as I have done here) or use a very wide angle lens to capture the whole thing, which badly warps the image.

Since the beauty of this building is associated with, inter alia, its straight lines, you really don't want to distort them in order to try to get the entire edifice in the photo.

As the home of many of the Province's governmental departments, the Centennial Building attracts its share of political action, including this protest against the practice of hydro fracking. I attempted to minimise the presence of the protesters by taking the photo from the far end of the building, while still capturing the long, sixties-era lines of the office block. Still, having the protesters there does help both to complement those lines and remind one of the importance of the decisions that come out of the tenants of the building itself.

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