Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 320 - A strangely pleasing planter

One of two concrete planters on the front stoop of the old court house in downtown Fredericton. The big decision with regard to this photograph was how to crop it: I first tried to trim down to a square so that the planter was in the exact centre of the frame but that didn't look right; I decided I liked the taller, narrower image that included a great deal of the wall above the planter and some of the concrete pad beneath it, thus accentuating the broad bulkiness of the object itself.

This is a strange picture. The colours are mostly bland, the planter is unremarkable and that pipe on the right should seem entirely out of place. And yet I think this photograph works quite well. I like the shapes in it, particularly the contrast between the roundness of the planter and the tall, narrow lines of just about everything else. I am also pleased with that cluster of dry leaves to the right of the object, balanced by the patch of yellow paint to the left. And the variety of textures captured in this one photo are quite pleasing as well.

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