Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 308 - Waiting for the wind

A little NB patriotism for you. Here, the strange New Brunswick provincial flag flutters over the old post office building on Queen Street in downtown Fredericton.

Despite my antipathy toward the flag itself, I'm quite pleased with this photograph. I like the way the building frames the flag and I like the gust of wind that unfurled the flag just long enough for me to get this shot. For some reason, I'm ridiculously pleased with the fact that the corner of the flag does not intersect with the top of the building so that the flag is completely encompassed by the sky.

I've also figured out that I can't think of a single other word for "flag", hence its repeated use in that last paragraph. Oh well. This photograph was taken with the Olympus fully on automatic: my contribution was seeing the interesting composition and then waiting for the gust of wind before pressing the button.

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