Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 327 - The city in snow

We are having a snow storm out here in New Brunswick. The city of Fredericton is expecting up to 25 centimetres while other parts of the Maritimes might get as much as 40 cm of the white stuff. So on my lunch hour I went out with the intention of capturing the city in snow. I took quite a few photographs (of blowing snow, of streetscapes obscured by falling snow, or footprints in the snow) but came away feeling that this shot was the best by far.

For me, it captures so much of what Fredericton is: a winter place, a bilingual place, a place that hasn't quite gotten over its fixation with Christmas and then wonders why members of other races, cultures and religions don't quite feel at home here. I'm pleased with the photograph as well because I feel I did a pretty good job framing the elements, with the bare tree up the right side and across the top, the post just a little off-centre left, the black lamp overlapping into the tree and the wreath, with its delicate sprinkling of snow, adding colour to the scene.

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