Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 317 - Recognising our own impermanence

The classic footprint-in-the-sand image, taken on the slowly growing beach in Pickering, Ontario.

The governments here are trying to rebuild the shoreline of the north side of Lake Ontario, using a variety of techniques including adding clean fill and installing water breaks to create small, protected areas of beach. It seems to be working. The waterfront in this area is really becoming a lovely area and there are even real sand beaches forming.

Here, my sister's single footprint marks the sand. It's an image of surprising beauty that captures the significant impact each of us makes on the world while still conveying a recognition of our own impermanence. And also, it shows the weird treads on my sister's shoes!

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  1. As Patti knows well, it's always about my feet! I like this photo. I like it A LOT!