Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 280 - Finding fall in Fredericton

This is the best I could do in trying to find fall in downtown Fredericton. For some reason, I thought the colours would be everywhere but, instead, I found only patches of brilliance in some trees.

With the wind blowing quite strongly and a blanket of clouds still in the sky, the trick with this photograph was keeping the shutter speed high enough to freeze the moving leaves (1/100th or faster) while still keeping at least a decent depth of focus, all the while making sure I was getting enough light into the camera.

No easy task, I tell you. Once I got that all puzzled out (to be honest, I just waited for one of the brief moments of sun), I had to decide again how close to get to the subject. In this case, I decided I should keep the angle fairly tight, to give some detail in the leaves and show clearly the contrast in colour between the green and the red. I actually think it turned out quite well.

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