Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 303 - Snow on the pumpkin

SNOW! On October 30. Fredericton had snow on October 30. Not only that, we had a Snow Fall Warning from Environment Canada, with up to 15 centimetres expected. If the temperature had just be the slightest bit lower, we would have been knee deep in the stuff.

And, if you recall, on April 20 Fredericton had a late-spring snow fall and I just could not believe it. Now, just six months and ten days later, more snow. That officially abridges the seasons out here to just two: spring and winter. No summer, no real fall.

So we end up with this strange combination of fall and winter, together. Leaves littering the ground, caught up in a blanket of snow. Crazy. I went for a walk this morning to try to capture just how it feels to have snow before Hallowe'en and this is what I came up with. First, still ripe maple leaves in the snow.

Then, cedar buds, still brown and not yet burst, with a crown of the white stuff. This shot comes from our front yard, where my newly seeded grass pokes its heads through the new-fallen snow as well.

I don't know how nature responds to its own strangenesses. Will the buds die? Will they refuse to bloom? Or will they simply ignore the snow's brief appearance and continue with business as usual once the sunshine and (slightly) warmer temperatures return this week?

And finally, snow on the pumpkins on the front porch of a house up the street. Snow on the pumpkins! Imagine that. I had to play a little with the aperture and shutter speed to get these shots since the day was quite dim. And I did find that the autofocus tried to find the flying snow flakes rather than the leaf, bud or pumpkin at which I was aiming. But, other than that, easy peasey, from a photographic point of view.

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