Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 286 - Joe's Diner and the disappearing pole

Joe's Diner: never been in it but always liked the look of it. Located at the corner of Gibson Street and Devon Avenue on Fredericton's North Side, this little eatery has all kinds of character and one of the neatest (70's era?) signs I've seen in a long time.

One of the things I like about this town is that it hasn't gotten so caught up in the chain-restaurant wave that's swept the rest of the world to have lost its many interesting places to eat. Like Joe's, or the Cabin, or the Hilltop, or many other such places. And we've seen an influx of pretty good East Asian restaurants as well (like Park's Noodles downtown and the Oriental Pearl in the east end), welcome additions to the city.

This photograph of Joe's Diner is no great work of art. I was trying for documentary rather than stylish and I think I got it. And one day I'll actually have to go there and try the food!

Meanwhile, the lower photo comes courtesy of my colleague, Greg, at work. He read my entry for Day 274 ("On cannons and condos"), in which I complained that I didn't know how to remove a bothersome wooden pole from this photograph. A graphic designer of prodigious skill, Greg took it upon himself to "Photoshop" the pole out. It looks great. Thanks, Greg.

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