Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 302 - Fallen leaves inhabit the grate

Some days, I walk along through my life with camera in hand and just keep snapping photographs. I don't know what is different about those days but I find that the photos I take often surprise me.

Most days, I set out with an image in mind (I want to capture the wind, or I want to capture fall, or I want a photo of this building or that building or this bridge, etc.) or a beautiful picture just presents itself to me. Those are the normal days. I get home, load the photos onto the computer and choose the best shot of that particular subject.

Then there are days like today. With no real plan in mind, I wander around and take photos of anything that looks visually interesting. Like this grate littered with leaves, or yesterday's stop sign. And quite often, I am surprised and pleased with the result.

In this case, I'm pleased with the way the leaves inhabit the grate and with the fall colours that are present in the shot. I like the mixture of curves and straight lines and the tiny glimpse of the tree's trunk to the bottom right of the shot. This kind of picture is not so much about camera technique but about a way of seeing. That's not often my strong suit but sometimes I surprise myself.

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