Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 301 - The power of snow storms

Look at that blue lock. Isn't it amazing? It seems to be brand new. And shiny and deeply blue. And it's holding a stop sign closed.

This is one of those New Brunswick things we just can't figure out. All over Fredericton, you find stop signs that have been folded and locked closed. Someone somewhere has the keys and, if needed, can unlock the sign, open it and then lock it open (see the holes centre, on the sign itself, and left, on the brace to which the opened sign will be locked).

We think (and I stress the word "think" because we don't know) that these locking stop signs exist to deal with snow storms and power outages. If stop lights are knocked out, the City just sends workers around to open these signs and attempt to regulate traffic that way. Maybe it's a good idea. But it certainly does speak to the lack of faith we all seem to have in NB Power, doesn't it?

Or maybe it's a healthy respect for the power of snow storms out here in Atlantic Canada! Did I mention we're expecting between six and 12 centimetres of snow on Sunday?

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