Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 283 - Spectacular orange with hints of green

Fall has arrived in New Brunswick. With this weekend's spectacular weather, filled with high temperatures, blue skies and miles and miles of sunshine, the leaves have officially gone crazy. The colours are spectacular.

My only worry is, with the strong winds that have now roared in and the rain that's expected by mid-week, they might not be around for long.

That's why I had to get out today to get some shots of some nearby trees in all of their brightness, including this maple tree that's just up the street from us. With the sun on it and the telephoto getting us close, this tree is a spectacular orange with just a few remaining hints of green scattered here and there. The tree also offers a section of dark red but the photos combining both the red and orange leaves, for some reason, came out quite faded in their colours.

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